The President Elect and Marijuana

Now that we have a new President Elect with Donald Trump, we need to start looking more closely at his stance on marijuana and its legalization. It can be hard to really pin down whether he supports it or not. There are not only many statements he has made that are contradicting, but the context that those statements were made in must also be considered.

In this past election, we saw just how much of a bipartisan issue legalizing marijuana is. Eight out of nine states passed policies that allow some form of marijuana use in November, and now Congress has begun allowing veterans to access medical marijuana. Considering these things, it is not very likely that Trump would be able to dismantle the state laws that have already passed.

Recently, the Marijuana Policy Project, or MPP, did some research on whether Donald Trump supported legalizing marijuana. Below are some of the things they found.

The first question they tried to answer concerned his stance on marijuana. In Nevada about a year ago, it seemed that Trump softened his ideas on marijuana. At that point, he said it should be a state issue rather than a federal one. Nevada was one of the states that had the legalization of marijuana on the ballot in this past election and they passed the use of recreational marijuana for people over the age of 21.

Since Trump’s speech in Nevada, he has had many other comments regarding the use of marijuana. He stated that he opposed legalizing and regulating marijuana for adults, but then also stated that he supports legalizing medical marijuana and that states should be able to come up with their own policies.

About a year ago, in Nevada, Trump was softer on his stance about the legalization of marijuana. He stated that the legalization should be left up to each state. Looking back even further, he said he was in favor of legalizing all drugs in 1990. The war on drugs was a big issue at that time. His idea was that to win that war, the profits needed to leave the hands of the drug czars through legalization.

With all that said, what will a Trump presidency bring in regards to marijuana? Well, it looks as if all the laws from the states will stay in place. The state’s ballot must be where we see the overall expansion of marijuana being legalized, though, for both medical use and full access to recreational marijuana.