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Cannabis has many names, with marijuana being one of those. It can be used as a medicine or psychoactive drug and is well known to help with many issues including migraines, anxiety, short term memory loss, and pain management. It can be used by means of smoking, in food, through vaporization, or as CBD oil.

Many people choose to use cannabis for its physical and mental effects. Those using it will often have a high that gives them an appetite increase, euphoria, or a change in their perception. There are few side effects to using cannabis (much, much less than your typical pharmaceutical drugs), but the advantages of it are phenomenal.

We here at joiinternet believe that the good way outweighs the bad when it comes to cannabis. We think that the government needs to take their hands off this natural, God-given herb and allow we the people to use it how we please. More than anything, though, we believe that those who can medically benefit from it should be able to without the fear of imprisonment. I know if someone in my family could benefit from it, I would do everything I could to get it for them. Should we really have to fear going to jail when all we want is to help someone?

Anyways, pull up a chair and get your joint lit as we explore this topic more.